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Silver Nanocubes

NanoSeedz™ provides high-quality silver nanocubes. Their specifications are given below. The number purities of the silver nanocubes are above 95%. The synthesis of these silver nanocubes is precisely controlled. The samples are characterized and examined by extinction spectroscopy and electron microscopes before delivery. We try our best to maintain the size, shape uniformities and the number purity of the silver nanocubes. However, slight variations in size are unavoidable due to fluctuations during synthesis.

Average edge length: 72.0 ± 3.5 nm

Mass concentration: 0.05 mg/mL

Surface capping agent: poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (molecular weight: 55,000)

Dispersing solvent: ethanol

Hydrodynamic diameter: ~130 nm

Surface Zeta potential: -25.8 mV

The silver nanocubes are provided as follows.

Quantity (bottles) Absolute amount of silver (mg) Price (US$)
1 0.5 100
10 5 900
20 10 1600

The silver nanocubes are suggested to be kept in solutions and stored at 4 °C in a refrigerator. To ensure good dispersion of the silver nanocubes in solutions before use, please EITHER perform sonication for 1 minute followed by quick vortex, OR manually shake to ensure the sediment is evenly dispersed.

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