NanoSeedz Ltd

NanoSeedz™ was founded by a group of experienced scientists working on nanoparticles and nanoplasmonics in 2010, with offices both in Hong Kong and mainland China. NanoSeedz™ aims to provide high-quality noble metal nanoparticles and related products at a competitive price for both researchers and manufactures worldwide. As a spin-off company from a research-oriented laboratory, NanoSeedz™ has over ten years’ experience in the synthesis, plasmonic properties, and technological applications of noble metal nanoparticles. The products of NanoSeedz™ include high-purity gold nanorods, gold nanospheres, gold nanoplates, gold nanobipyramids, coated and surface-functionalized metal nanoparticles. NanoSeedz™ also supplies other functional inorganic nanoparticles, including silica, titanium dioxide, and magnetic nanoparticles. The products of NanoSeedz™ are closely related to a wide range of research fields, including solar cells, negative refractive index materials, non-linear optics, polarizers, electronics, sensors, catalysis, life sciences, and medical sciences. 

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