Citrate-Capped Au Nanospheres


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Citrate-Capped Au Nanospheres

NanoSeedz™ provides citrate-capped Au nanospheres with average diameters of 13 nm and 19 nm. These Au nanosphere samples are produced by reducing a Au(III) salt with sodium citrate in water. There is sodium citrate (~0.5 mM) in the Au nanosphere solutions to stabilize the nanospheres.


Au Nanospheres

Nanoseedz™ provides citrate-capped Aud nanospheres with average diameters of 13 nm and 19 nm.
Part # Diameter (nm) Volume (mL) OD (at SPRW) Price (USD)
NS-C-13-20 13 ± 1 10 2 68
NS-C-13-50 13 ± 1  10  5  150
 NS-C-19-20  19 ± 2  10  2  68
 NS-C-19-50  19 ± 2  10  5  150

Diameter refers to the average diameter of the Au nanosphere. SPRW represents the surface plasmon resonance wavelength. OD denotes the optical density per centimeter light path.


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  2. N. G. Bastus, J. Comenge, V. Puntes. Kinetically Controlled Seeded Growth Synthesis of Citrate-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles of up to 200 nm: Size Focusing versus Ostwald Ripening. Langmuir, 2011, 27, 11098-11105.

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NS-C-13-20, NS-C-13-50, NS-C-19-20, NS-C-19-50


2, 5

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