CTAB- and Citrate-Capped Ag Nanospheres


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CTAB- and Citrate-Capped Ag Nanospheres

NanoSeedz™ provides Ag nanospheres that are capped with CTAB or citrate. The average diameters of the CTAB- and citrate-capped Ag nanospheres are 24 nm and 25 nm, respectively.

Ag Nanospheres

Nanoseedz™ provides both CTAB- and citrate-capped Ag nanospheres.
Part # Diameter* (nm) Volume (mL) Mass concentration (mg/mL) Price (USD)
AG-CTAB-NS-10 24±2 10 0.01 38
AG-CTAB-NS-25 24±2  25  0.01  88
 AG-CITRATE-NS-20  25±2  10  0.02  58
 AG-CITRATE-NS-50  25±2  25  0.02  108

*Diameter: average diameter of the silver nanospheres.


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