Long Ag Nanorods


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Long Silver Nanorods

The long Ag nanorods are synthesized by APT™. Ag nanorods with 4 different lengths are currently provided. Their diameters are from ~40 nm to ~70 nm. These Ag nanorods are stabilized in aqueous solutions with ~0.01 M CTAC (cetyltrimethylammonium chloride). They are highly pure with negligible amounts of impurity nanoparticles. The synthesis of these long Ag nanorods has been well controlled. The samples are characterized and examined by electron microscopy before delivery.

Long Silver Nanorods

Part # Diameter (nm) Length (μm) Volume (mL) Mass concentration (mg/mL) Price (US$)
Ag-LNR-0.5 39±3 0.55–0.65 10 0.5 100
Ag-LNR-1 41±4 1.1–1.3 10 0.5 150
Ag-LNR-5 44±3 4.8–5.4 10 0.5 200
Ag-LNR-10 68±8 11.8–13.4 10 0.5 300


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