Hexagonal Au Nanoplates


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Hexagonal Au Nanoplates

NanoSeedz™ provides CTAB-capped Au nanoplates in a hexagonal shape. The number purity of the Au nanoplates is >95%.  The in-plane dipole plasmon peak is ~790 nm. The synthesis of these Au nanoplates  has been precisely controlled. The samples are characterized and examined by extinction spectroscopy and electron microscopy before delivery.

Hexagonal Au Nanoplates

Part # Average lateral size/thickness (nm) Volume (mL) OD (at SPRW) Price (USD)
GNPL-790-20 150±10/40±2 10 2 88
GNPL-790-50 150±10/40±2  25  2  178

Some of the parameters in the table above are explained as follows. Lateral size: the distance between two parallel edges; SPRW: in-plane dipole surface plasmon resonance wavelength; OD: optical density at 1 centimeter optical path length.


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