(Au Nanorod)@SiO2 Nanostructures


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(Au Nanorod Core)@(Mesostructured SiO2 Shell) Nanostructures

NanoSeedz™ provides gold nanorods coated with mesostructured silica. The mesostructured silica is templated by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide molecules. These silica-coated gold nanorods are stable and ready for surface modification. The average length and diameter of the gold nanorod cores can be varied.

(Au Nanorod core)@(Mesostructured SiO2 Shell) Nanostructures

Part # Diameter (nm) Length (nm) Aspect ratio TSPW (nm) LSPW (nm) Shell thickness (nm) Volume (mL) OD at LSPW per cm Price (USD)
SI-NR-808-50 20 ± 1 78 ± 4 3.9 514 808 32 10 5 245
SI-NR-808-250 20 ± 1 78 ± 4 3.9 514 808 32 10 25 645


The meanings of the parameters in the table are as follows. Diameter: average diameter of the gold nanorod core. Length: average length of the gold nanorod core. Aspect ratio: average aspect ratio of the gold nanorod core. TSPW: transverse surface plasmon wavelength of the gold nanorod cores. LSPW: longitudinal surface plasmon wavelength of the gold nanorod cores. Shell thickness: average shell thickness, which is measured at the side of the gold nanorod. OD: optical density per cm optical path length.

The product given in the table uses gold nanorods with their LSPW at 808 nm as one example. After the coating of mesostructured silica, the TSPW and LSPW will be changed slightly. In addition, NanoSeedz™ also provides products of differently sized gold nanorods that are coated with mesostructured silica. Please contact me for the product information.


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